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Keeping this record demands the flawless coordination of 46 transport belts. In Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, conveyor belts transport coal from a 90,960-hectare mine to the loading station at the port 47.5 kilometers away.

By Anke Henrich

At around 30 kilometers long and with a transport time of a little over an hour when fully loaded, the main band is the world's fastest cross-country conveyor belt - and under extreme weather conditions. The technology needed comes from Flender from Bocholt, a subsidiary of the Siemens Group.

Transporting coal at this speed demands close coordination between all interfaces within the plant. Flender was able to offer the drive train, including the frequency converter, motor and control, from a single source, and coordinate all 46 transport belts correspondingly. At the same time, the contactless, non-wearing labyrinth seals in the conveyor belt drive prevent coal dust from entering the system. Up to 50 million tons of coal can be extracted from the mine each year.