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Presenting the powerhouses among tractors.

By Anke Henrich

Schlepperfreunde" (towing friends) is a designation for German fans of both small and large tractors. With their cabins full of digital assistants, they are able to travel autonomously across fields thanks to GPS data. Powerhouses with delicate sensor technology for precision agriculture. Displays in the cabins show field and machine data in real time. At the same time, these farmland giants are required to be ever more fuel-efficient, while improved front axle suspension systems prevent "power hopping". A German reference book on the giants among agricultural machines provides detailed information on 1,000 tractors, including technical details such as model year, engine displacement or horsepower – and is a weighty tome in its own right. VDMAimpulse keeps things a bit shorter: here are five of the most powerful tractors in the world.

© Case IH

Case IH Steiger Quadtrac 620

Maximum power output: 682 hp

Rated output: 619 hp

Torque: 2213 foot pounds

Cubic displacement: 12,900 cm3

Minimum turning radius: 5.70 meters

Fuel tank size: 1,880 liters

Manufacturer: Case IH

© New Holland Agriculture

New Holland T9.700

Maximum power output: 660 hp

Rated output: 639 hp

Engine speed: 2,100 rpm

Fuel tank size: 1,729 liters

Weight: 20,134 kg

Manufacturer: New Holland Agriculture

© Deere & Company

John Deere 9620 RX

Maximum power output: 661 hp

Rated output: 611 hp

Engine: Six cylinder, 15-liter engine

Weight: 24.9 tons

Wheelbase: 4.2 m

Fuel tank size: 1,480 liters

Manufacturer: Deere & Company

© Versatile

Versatile 610 DT

Maximum power output: 641 hp

Rated output: 596 hp

Engine: Six cylinder, Cummins 14.9 l engine

Weight: 19,051 kg

Wheelbase: 391 cm

Fuel tank size: 1,298 liters

Engine speed: 1,375 rpm

Manufacturer: Versatile AG

© AGCO GmbH Fendt

Fendt 1100 MT

Maximum power output: 637 hp

Rated output: 590 hp

Cubic displacement: 16,800 cm3

Engine: 12 cylinder

Engine speed: 2,100 rpm

Fuel tank size: 1,000 liters

Weight: 19,356 kg

Manufacturer: AGCO GmbH Fendt

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