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What characterizes the smallest and the biggest airports worldwide? VDMAimpulse checked the facts and presents two astonishing locations…

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One of the smallest airports worldwide is the Barra Airport (BRR) in Scotland. The airport uses a beach as the runway for scheduled flights. Three runways in a triangle are marked by permanent wooden poles at the end. The longest runway measures 846 meters, the shortest 680. Neither night flights nor helicopter flights are offered from Barra since the airport does not have a helipad. The only airline service (STOL aircrafts and Twin Otters) from Flybe (codeshare operated by Loganair) flies between Barra and Glasgow. The airport, which has one cafe for both passengers and staff, recorded 12,861 passengers in 2016 and around 1,400 aircraft movements. The airport can be reached by car (parking free of charge), taxi and bus (between the airport and Castlebay), and passengers can also rent a car at the airport.
Barra Airport
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The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) in the USA is one of the biggest airports in the world. The airport has five runways - the longest runway is 3,776 meters long, the shortest 2,743 meters. Passengers can fly into ATL on an Airbus A380 or even a Boeing 777. It supports night flights and even has one helipad. 22 airlines fly to and from ATL to hundreds of destinations. The airport has more than 100 cafes and restaurants for its passengers and staff and recorded 104,171,935 passengers in 2016 (898,356 aircraft movements in 2016.) The airport can be reached by car (parking lots provided), taxi, bus and train. Rental car companies offer their services to arriving passengers. (pu)
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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