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While working for the Bosch Group for over 35 years now, Hans Bangert has had the chance to get to know many different cultures, countries, climates and colleagues. This time, his responsibility is named: Managing Director Bosch Rexroth in India.

By Bosch Rexroth

Hans Bangert © Bosch Rexroth"Over the course of my career, I have had the great opportunity to manage Regional Units in different countries worldwide. Every time I was presented with different kinds of challenges," Bangert remembers. "In hindsight, I think all steps were fine-tuned, and one assignment prepared me for the next." Upon their arrival in India, everything was new for Hans Bangert and his wife: "We find that India is a great country with a great culture and so many different and interesting destinations to explore and countless varieties of food to taste. The atmosphere in India is very busy, very colorful with plenty of friendly people around."

Hans Bangert took over as managing director position at Bosch Rexroth India in 2015. Bosch Rexroth India Private Limited is specialized in Drive and Control Technology. The company supplies tailored solutions for precise motion control across industries. For Bosch Rexroth India offers a huge potential. "The past performance of our Indian subsidiary really impressed me. We have a state-of-the-art production facility and a great team of experienced, dedicated and skilled associates. This continues to be a good basis for a newcomer in India," Bangert explains. Bosch Rexroth, on the other hand, is not a newcomer in India. Bosch Rexroth India was established in 1974 and serves customer through manufacturing facilities at Ahmedabad with wide-spread sales and service offices and an expansive dealer network all over India.

Weather and traffic

But Bangert admits: "There are some challenges to face in private as well as professional life." For example, Bangert reports that the weather and driving were two challenges he faced in private. "Last year, we touched the 50 °C mark here in Ahmedabad, which is quite breath taking for us Europeans since we are used to more moderate temperatures. But we are working on adapting to that." Another Indian characteristic is the traffic. "In the beginning, this was more than special to us," Bangert laughs, looking back. "We recently started driving ourselves. And once you understand this very fuzzy logic of regulations here, it actually works quite well."

© Fotolia | somegirl"On a professional level, the rather complicated taxation system makes business complicated. Fortunately, the government is preparing a major tax reform which will ease business for the industry." Another challenge, he sees in the new world of Connected Industry and automation of processes. "Digitalization is just around the corner and has already started in some areas. However, it remains difficult to get a reliable prediction for the "full-swing" market entry of the new technologies." Furthermore, he and the company support gender diversity. "Female mechanical engineers are still more of an exception. We definitely need to spread the news more intensively, that the industry offers interesting opportunities for qualified and skilled ladies."

Day to day business

One interesting part of his job, Bangert describes, is the day to day business, such as constantly dealing with a changing business environment. "Like in other countries, it is always a priority to have the customer in mind. Agility is key, for example in cases where we need to accommodate preponements of deliveries, or react in a flexible way if the end user is not ready to install the system which we are set to deliver,” he explains further. "Increasing our competitiveness is another major task. In production for example, we do this with our multi-skilling initiative. This innovative training program enables our skilled workers in assembly, for example, to also work at the end of the line in testing, which improves our productivity."

Combining Indian IT expertise with German engineering strength

Besides his personal constant learning process while being in India, Bangert is certain that Germany could play the role of a partner to India in the modernization and transformation of its dynamic economy since India is a confident, innovative and fresh presence in the global economy and is positioning itself as an up-and-coming industrial nation. "The combination of Indian IT expertise with German engineering strength would be mutually beneficial in light of the latest developments such as Industry 4.0," Bangert points out.

And personally? Bangert has spent most of his professional life in different countries. This is how he learned to quickly adapt to new situations. "I have faced difficult situations and staying calm even in rough waters is very important in a managerial role," he explains. "Also, I am always motivated by the thought of meeting our associates and eager to hear from our customers how they perceive us." In India, it is important to show flexibility in many business situations, while also staying in a given framework, he says. "Balancing this is a skill that one can certainly learn while working in India."

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