Bingo with the Lucky Ladies

Review of the Lucky Ladies Bingo game

That’s all there is to it. As much as we’d like to believe that there is no such thing as a single core audience and no such thing as a single core audience alone, the people behind this particular bingo website have gone ahead and done exactly what everyone here had hoped to avoid: they’ve staked a claim in the ground and planted a flag in the soil of certainty.

Bingo for the lucky ladies. That’s right, we said it. Women in the metaphorical room are the target audience for this website, which seems to be focused on encouraging them to ‘get fortunate’ and win large at some great bingo games. Perhaps we were simply born into the snowflake generation, and we were too quick to think that people would take offense at the assumption that the majority of those who play bingo online would be ladies over the age of around 25 years old (everyone younger is still too busy doing that thing the call going out, or on Tinder, probably).

No matter how you look at it, the people behind this casino site plainly assume that women will be the ones who will be playing the most, which is understandable considering the fact that they can tell everything about who is logging on via their membership information.

Ladies with a good appearance

Leaving aside the Big Brother speculation, Lucky Ladies is an aesthetically pleasing website. The picture – which displays a variety of ladies going about their business – is wonderfully stylized, almost evoking the style of vintage art deco posters, and for that we should be thankful to the artist. For one thing, it’s a helluva sight more visually pleasing than a collection of gaudy reds, oranges, and gold pound coins or anything like, which we had the displeasure of objectively analyzing lately.

While the webpage itself is fast to load, it would still be worth the wait even if it were a little longer. This is the kind of thing we like seeing – straightforward facts presented in an understandable manner. It is clear from the top menu bar what the available choices are — bingo and slots are the only two games available here. We’ll get to the promotions later, but for now, take a look at the slider image below, which details some of the perks you can expect to receive for making the effort to sign up—we’ll get to that later—and a real-time feed of current Jackpots and Winners, as well as a list of the games that are currently live and in play.

It’s a darn sight better than other sites that make claims about having casino games but then don’t have any, or, worse yet, provide you with no information at all about what’s on the other side of the next click. Web design principles say that the less clicks you make, the better. So why on earth people continue to create and manage websites that need you to click around in order to obtain even a vague idea of what is going on within the site is beyond us. Then then, you could do a lot worse in terms of initial impressions, so let’s move on and get to work on the actual review.

We’ve been looking forward to seeing you.

When you choose the Bingo option from the menu row at the top of the homepage, you will be sent to the bingo area of the website, which is where the action really begins to heat up. Or, at the very least, they do if you’re here to partake in some legitimate bingo. Those who are not are most likely not need to apply.

You’ll be presented with a table of events right away, so be prepared for that. This displays a complete list of all of the games that are now in play; the games shown on the site were just a sampling. Based on what was going on when we conducted this site test, you have 90 ball, 80 ball, 75 ball, 30 ball, 50 ball, and that’s probably about it for the game. While we haven’t come across anything worse, five distinct ball levels is hardly the worst we’ve seen, and much more than this would definitely only overcomplicate the entire experience. That’s all there is to it.

Slots for the Lucky Ladies

When you choose slots from the top menu bar, you will be taken to a universe filled with slot machines. Although not quite a globe, there are still quite a number of them. There are many more slots available at Lucky Ladies Bingo than we have seen at other bingo websites, and this is something for which we should express our gratitude.

The quality, on the other hand, is quite variable. Some of these games are up to current, while others are a little out of date. Additionally, we’d like to point out that those looking for progressive jackpot slots as well as 3D or video slots will be disappointed to find that both kinds are conspicuously lacking from the website, but this isn’t the worst thing that could happen. In the end, we shouldn’t anticipate all of the bells and whistles of a slot or full-range casino from something that is basically designed as a bingo website.

Despite this, there is a casino.

However, although it may not be the largest or greatest casino available on the market, there is a casino component on the website. You may expect us to be outspoken in our dissatisfaction with the fact that the casino games are buried away – the choice to see the casino games only appears once you have selected the slots area – but we are really of the opposite attitude.

It is not claiming to be a casino website by not promoting this component, and there aren’t enough of them to do so on the basis of normal business practices. Yes, you may play deuces wild, blackjack, or poker, but there are just a few of games to choose from in this category. Lucky Ladies Bingo deserves praise for refusing to mislead us or lead us down a rabbit hole of weeds, as so many other websites seem to be more than happy to do these days.

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